What to Bring

Well, that depends on the trip! We’ll be outside for at least part of the trip, so dress for the conditions. Dressing in layers is the best strategy, especially since the weather can change through the day. Being prepared for the conditions is up to you, but we’ll advise you beforehand of the expected trip-specific conditions (weather, bugs, sun, etc.) you are likely to encounter.

You’ll want to bring your binoculars and camera and spotting scope if you have one. We have limited extra pairs of good quality binoculars that can be loaned out for a small daily fee. Field guides and a spotting scope will be available from the leaders for participants to use.

For full day outings we’ll stop somewhere for lunch, either with a boxed lunch or at a fine dining establishment. Details of lunch will be made prior to your trip. You should bring snacks and water. Some areas we’ll visit have limited opportunities to purchase refreshments once we begin, and you’ll be advised beforehand if that is the case.